Artistic Director - Teresa Marrin Nakra

Founder, Artistic Director Immersion Music, Inc.

Dr. Teresa Marrin Nakra is an Assistant Professor of Music at The College of New Jersey. She has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the Massachusetts College of Art, and was recently a Clifton Visiting Artist at Harvard University. She holds both Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's acclaimed Media Laboratory, where she worked closely with Rosalind Picard, Tod Machover, John Harbison, and Marvin Minsky. She also holds a bachelor's degree with high honors in Music from Harvard University. She has received numerous distinctions for her academic work, including Research Fellowships from IBM, Motorola, and Interval Research Corporation.

As the Founder and Artistic Director of Immersion Music, Dr. Nakra has been bringing a high-tech interaction paradigm to classical and traditional music. Immersion Music has produced many live music events with digital enhancements, including a concert at Boston's Symphony Hall that attracted 2000 attendees. Immersion Music has also developed a museum exhibit in collaboration with the Boston Children's Museum and Boston Pops Orchestra, a Digital Salon series, and the Digital Conducting Laboratory at Arizona State University

As a conductor of contemporary and classical music, Dr. Nakra has recently served as the assistant conductor of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project. She has been a featured performer of the Boston Cyberarts Festival on numerous occasions. As the culmination of her extensive doctoral study with the "Conductor's Jacket," she presented a live public performance with the Boston Pops Orchestra.


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Past Projects at the MIT Media Lab

Conductor's Jacket, a wearable physiological monitoring system for musicians, designed to provide a testbed for the study of musical and emotional expression. Photos of the Conductor's Jacket

Digital Baton

Affective Carpet

Musical Etudes

Flexible musical scores for interactive narratives, including "Swamped"

Doctoral thesis proposal, September 1998.

General (doctoral qualifying) Exam Proposal, November 1997.

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